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If like us, you’ve dreamed of escaping Earth altogether in 2020, help is at hand as Virgin Galactic have revealed what their zero-gravity space planes will look like.

The VSS Unity will soon be taking off from Earth and taking you into space to enjoy zero-gravity for 90-minutes.

And as these new pictures reveal, the lucky few who can afford the trip-of-a-lifetime will be getting some incredible views!

AED1 million per ticket

The views from 60 miles above the earth don’t come cheap at $250,000 which is around AED1 million. But Virgin Galactic already have 600 customers signed up and another 400 in the waiting list. And the views from the cabin’s 17 windows will be out-of-this-world.

When they hit zero-gravity, passengers will be able to unclip from their personally-tailored seat and float around the cabin.

And Virgin boss Richard Branson is hoping the first trip will be in ‘month, not years’ and is likely to be one of the first passengers on board.

While it’s likely some super-rich person from Dubai will be flying high on one of the early flights, DubaiLAD are more likely to be dreaming of the Emirates Mars Mission and life in the stars.

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