Virtual reality home on Mars sells for AED1.5 million
Virtual reality home on Mars sells for AED1.5 million

Virtual reality home on Mars sells for AED1.8 million

Yes, that headline is correct – a virtual reality NFT home on Mars has been sold for AED1.8 million, the latest sign that the world is going crazy.

The Mars House was sold as an NFT, a non-fungible token market, which essentially lets you buy online items including Tweets.

The digital owner of the Mars House will be able to explore the open-plan mansion using virtual reality. Or you could look at the video below for free whenever you want.

Toronto designer Krista Kim described her creation as a “light sculpture” with every room featuring clear walls. After all, when you’re on an alien planet, who needs privacy?

Outside you’ll find the terrace with see-through sunbeds, perfect for taking in the toxic Martian atmosphere.

And the lucky buyer also has a digital certificate of ownership protected by blockchain technology. Definitely worth AED1.5 million. Definitely.

Other NFT highlights

The Mars House is only the latest NFT work to make a big news splash.

A digital only work by Beeple was recently bought for $79.4.

And Gucci released a digital only sneaker for $17.99 that could only be worn using virtual and augmented reality.

And then there was the first Tweet by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey which sold for an eye-watering $2,915,835.47. To be fair, he then donated the money to charity, so well done Jack.

The post said: ““just setting up my twttr”.

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