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Visitor Stands Trial For Smuggling Drugs In Cakes And Biscuits

Inspectors from Dubai Customs are investigating the case of a visitor, who’s pleaded guilty of smuggling drugs into the country inside cakes and biscuits.

Drugs smuggled in cakes and biscuits

Identified as a 33-year-old Pakistani man, he arrived at Dubai International Airport on 24th November last year, on a visit visa. He was detained by anti-narcotics police officials, who inspected the contents of his luggage. After investigating his bags, customs inspectors discovered 1,680 controlled drug pills, according to Khaleej Times.

“Suspicious volume” of drugs found

Before getting detained, inspectors from Dubai Customs suspected the Pakistani visitor’s luggage contained a “suspicious volume” of contents in his luggage. An inspector said, “The X-ray machine showed a suspicious volume in his bag. We kept tracking it until it reached the security gates of the customs check point.”

Visitor confesses he had to deliver them to Dubai

Initially, the 33-year-old Pakistani man claimed he was unaware of the drugs. However, after a police interrogation and an investigation by the public prosecution, the visitor confessed he bought the drugs from his home country and was supposed to deliver them to a woman in Dubai.