Image credit: Viraj Asher

Warner Bros. World is opening very soon in Abu Dhabi

Entertainment giant Warner Brothers has announced that it’s opening a 1.65 million square feet indoor theme park in Yas Island at Abu Dhabi on July 25th.

It’s expected to be a record-breaking theme park

Dubai’s IMG Worlds of Adventure is the world’s biggest indoor temperature controlled park with a gigantic size of 1.5 million square feet while Warner Brothers Abu Dhabi is expected to break the record with its size of 1.65 million square feet. In general, the world’s largest theme park is the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort in the US, sizing up to 40 square miles.

Visitors can enjoy 29 rides across six lands

Every land has its own theme, including popular fictional cities including The Flinstone’s home ‘Bedrock’, Batman’s ‘Gotham City’ and Superman’s ‘Metropolis’ along with ‘Warner Bros Plaza’, ‘Cartoon Junction’ and ‘Dynamite Gulch’, home to 29 rides, out of which some rides have height restrictions.

Warner Bros Park will contribute to Yas Island’s master plan

Miral Asset Management, the team behind the development of the theme park and Yas Island, announced its master plan to transform the south of Yas Island by investing Dhs 12 billion and aiming to receive 48 million visitors by 2022.

Sea World is the next theme park in Abu Dhabi

Adding to the ambition of Yas Island’s masterplan, their next project Sea World is expected to be completed by 2022 and will be the theme park’s first foreign location outside the US. It will be a theme park inspired by marine life and as mentioned on their website, the park will include facilities like “marine life research, rescue, rehabilitation and return centre.”