Photograph credit: Pixabay

Warning: Be Cautious Of Tourists Inquiring About Currencies

When it comes to safety, the United Arab Emirates is ranked among countries with the lowest crime rates. However, a warning issued by Dubai Police calls for residents to keep away from those pretending they’re tourists.

Fraudsters are pretending to act like tourists

Dubai Police’s warning describes these fraudsters as tourists “who inquire about currencies and exchange rates.” According to Gulf News, these fraudsters “may approach any unsuspecting individual and pretend to ask about the latest foreign exchange rates.” What’s more, people found begging must be reported to the police as it’s not allowed in the city.

Warning issued about online gaming recently

Beware gamers! There’s a shady business behind free online gaming. Free downloads help game developers collect users’ data, create databases worth thousands and sell it for profit. The ability to access users’ personal information and exploiting them goes against users’ privacy policy, leading to viruses, scams and fake SMS alerts.

Crimes down by 38% in five years

Meanwhile, Dubai’s serious crime index has fallen drastically in the last five years! Statistics from Dubai Police show theft crimes falling from 22 crimes per 100,000 in 2012 down to 12.6 per 100,000 in 2017. Dubai Police credits Artificial Intelligence(AI) methods vital towards reducing crime rates in the city.