Dubai National Disinfection Programme
Dubai National Disinfection Programme

Watch as Dubai starts three-day ‘National Disinfection Programme’

Starting from last night, Dubai is in the middle of a nation-wide disinfection programme to halt the spread of the Coronavirus.

The National Sterilisation Programme is taking place between 8 pm and 6 am on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.

The public is being asked to stay at home during this process. And judging by the videos, below, we’re not sure you’d want to be caught in the disinfectant crossfire!

The cleaning process includes a deep clean of all public utilities, public transport and metro services during the weekend.

Request permission to leave

Those working in essential fields are free to leave during 8 pm and 6 am if needed. Those jobs include energy, communications, medical, police, army, pharmaceuticals, electricity, water and media. Make sure to carry your Emirates ID and work ID.

But anyone else wanting to leave the house needs to request permission from Once registered, you’ll need to state your reason for leaving during this three-night process and wait for the approval.

No public transport this weekend

The cleaning process also means there’s no public transport this weekend. Buses and the Metro will be cancelled to allow full time for the National Disinfection Programme.

Make sure you stay at home and stay safe while Dubai goes through its disinfection.

Plus, video calling apps like Zoom, Google Hangout and Skype are now unblocked. So it’s time to get digital with our socialising!