Dubai drones
Dubai drones

Watch as Dubai use drones to keep people safe and at home

Always at the forefront of new technology, Dubai Police have been using drones to ensure that all of Dubai stay home during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The message to #stayhome has been pretty clear the last few days.

We wrote about it and went viral, the Crown Prince of Dubai tweeted about it and the Burj lit up to tell us. But as some still haven’t got the message, the police have gone a step further and are using drones to get the message over.

Voices in the sky

The drones are being deployed as a precautionary measure and can broadcast announcements.

Colonel Saeed Al Madhani, Director of Ports Police Station in Dubai, said “Our drones are equipped with cameras that can photograph events in range, whether during the day or night. They can also carry loudspeakers to broadcast Dubai Police messages and announcements to the public.”

So, if you hear a message from the skies, it might not be a higher power. Simply a Dubai Police drone telling you to get home and stay safe.

And just in case you missed all the memos, here’s what you can and can’t do.

Stay at home unlesss you’re part of the essential work force, you need essential groceries or for medicine.

Public spaces are closed – even the beach. And the sooner we all start staying home, the sooner the Coronavirus measures are lifted. And the sooner we get back to normal. Phew.