Dubai Police Video
Dubai Police Video

Watch Dubai Police’s movie-style #StayHome video featuring supercars, gyrocopters and speedboats

We’ve all got the message to stay home by now, but Dubai Police have ramped up their social media #StayHome message with a video showing off all their amazing equipment.

The slick #StayHome Instagram video starts with a Dubai Police Lamborghini before the driver gets into a gyrocopter, possibly the coolest looking thing we’ve ever seen.

The chopper then flies parallel to a Dubai Police speedboat, Top Gun style, before flying over JBR and telling residents to stay home.

So, just in case you hadn’t got the message. Stay home, people. The sooner we stay home, the sooner we can all get back to normal and reclaim our city.

Until then, it seems that nature is using this opportunity to reclaim the world, with gazelles spotted roaming the streets of Dubai.