Photograph credit: Wonderopolis and Twitter/WMO

Watch how a courageous pilot landed a plane during a sandstorm in Saudi Arabia

Large dust storms have taken over the Middle East this month but it didn’t disrupt a courageous pilot from landing a flight safely at the Jazan Airport in Saudi Arabia.


Footage of the landing was caught on camera

United Nations’ World Meteorological Organization posted a tweet with video footage showing the plane land during the sandstorm. By the looks of it, as the plane landed, the clouds dominated with sand made it more difficult to watch out for what’s ahead on the runway and by the end of the video, there’s nothing but a strong sandstorm with prevailing winds.


Stormy occasions have happened in the past for pilots

Saudi Arabia isn’t the first time when a storm has made it difficult for plane landings this year. On January 22nd this year, a Eurowings pilot flew across obstacles like strong winds at up to 120 km per hour and dark storms to land at the Dusseldof Airport in Germany. What’s more, according to news website NDTV, the pilot performed a 90 degrees angle to tackle the storm.



Weather disturbances have been going on worldwide

From the Global Forecast System(GFS), their analysis shows that not only the Middle East but countries across the world are experiencing weather disturbance, such as London recording 29.4 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature on an April day after 1949 and unexpected rains happening over countries like Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan.