Emirates Deep Clean
Emirates Deep Clean

Watch how Emirates deep cleans its aircraft to prevent Coronavirus spread

With the Coronavirus affecting pretty much everything in life right now, it’s great to see Emirates responding and putting us at ease about flying.

The flying giant recently released a video showing just what goes into a deep clean on their plane. And it is super comprehensive. It even makes us wonder if they’ll come round and do our office and flat for us?

Behind the deep clean

Using an eco-friendly approved chemical, they wipe down all the surfaces to kill viruses and germs. While it also creates a new ‘long-lasting protective coating’ to further protect you.

And when they say all surfaces, they mean aaaaaalll surfaces. Windows, tray tables, seatback screens, armrests, seats, in-seat controls, air vents, toilets. Everything. Phew!

And it takes an army to get the plane ready for its next job. Each hour-long deep clean takes a team of 18 for a Boeing 777 and a team of 36 for the A380. And every 24 hours, nearly 250 aircraft will go through this process.

If there have been any suspected or confirmed Coronavirus cases on an Emirates flight, the cleaning process gets taken a step further. The cleaning and disinfection will take up to eight hours and include new seat covers and cushions and new air filters. And those air filters are pretty hi-tech, catching 99.7% of viruses, allergens and microbes in the air.

Flight flexibility

With the travel world in a constant state of flux, Emirates have added flexibility to their flights. All tickets booked from March 7-31 will have total flexibility so you can change your travel dates with no fees or issues.

Which is great news, as we certainly feel like we need a holiday or two right now!