Watch out for fake emails, says UAE’s ICA

Be on the lookout for fake emails! This is the warning being issued by the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship (ICA).

The ICA is telling customers to make sure that when opening an email, make sure that the mail IDs bear the government domain name ica.gov.ae.

Scammers are using its name

In a since deleted tweet, the Authority urged its customers to verify the authenticity of the emails sent to them. Customers should make sure that the emails bear the government domain ica.gov.ae before responding to it, the authority noted.

There are just so many scams going around, so the warning from the ICA is to make sure that customers safe from the attempts by fraudsters to harm people by providing fake online links in the name of the ICA.

So many scams!

The cases of fraudulent emails in the name of ICA has been reported in large numbers and it’s one of many scam doing its rounds.

Recently, scammers have been using the fear of the pandemic as a tool to get to people. They are using various modes such as the Cost for vaccine registration, transactions in the name of selling medical supplies, giving links to unauthorised websites and looting money and bank details, fake delivery options as ways to get people to “click”.

So please be sure to check the credibility of the email or even a phonecall that you may receive!