Watch Sharjah Police Crack An AED 2.3 Million Robbery Case

Following a three day investigation, Sharjah Police unravelled a money exchange theft that took place in Sharjah, involving AED 2.3 million.

AED 2.3 million robbery

Last month, a gang of five Nigerians aged in their ‘20s, observed an Al Ansari Exchange branch in Al Taawun, Sharjah. On 20th March, the gang organized a crime wherein they managed to get into the vault and steal AED 2.3 million in cash. The theft took place within eight minutes and one employee was left injured after an attack. Employees at the branch soon alerted Sharjah Police.

Photograph credit: Sharjah Police

Gang’s driver arrested within 48 hours

With help from CCTV footage, officers from Sharjah Police were able to identify the number plate of the car the gang escaped in. This was enough evidence to trace the driver, and arrested him within 48 hours after the robbery. His arrest followed with an investigation to find the thieves and recover the money.

Watch Sharjah Police catch the gang with robbed money

In just 72 hours, Sharjah Police was able to find the gang’s apartment, where the money was stored. The video shows Sharjah Police raid into their apartment, where the five gang members were caught sleeping in beds and mattresses, and the money was recovered. An additional 15 people linked to their gang, who arrived in the UAE illegally, were arrested.

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