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A thief who disguised himself in women’s clothing was arrested in just 47 minutes after stealing cash and valuables worth a whopping AED 3 million.

Thief came to Dubai especially for the heist

The thief, identified as a European, was recorded arriving in Dubai on the 6th September and booked a hotel in Al Naif for two days. He left the hotel the day after, holding a carry-on suitcase and dressed up in women’s clothing. He then took a taxi to City Walk, where his targeted loot was located. The thief was aware that his victim was away in Europe with his pregnant wife.

Dubai Police AED 3 million Crime Women's Clothing Burqa Naqab Abaya City Walk European

Photograph credit: Dubai Police

Here’s how he stole AED 3 million

After arriving in Dubai and stocking up on tools to commit his crime, the robber headed to the target’s residence dressed in women’s clothing. At 12:30 pm, he broke into an apartment and pulled a safe into an ensuite bathroom, to avoid noise. With the use of chemicals, he disabled the alarms and drilled into the box to create a hole through which he stole money and super-expensive watches. The total value of his takings was estimated to be a staggering AED 3 million. 40 minutes later, he left the apartment with all the money in a carry-on suitcase and took a cab back to his hotel in Al Naif.

Dubai Police catch thief within 47 minutes

Knowing the thief was part of an organized crime group linked to a series of thefts in the region, Dubai Police were able to trace the European and caught him red-handed. The Network of Secret Sources of the Organised Crime Department also tipped them about it.

“After precautionary measures taken to make sure the bag was free of dangerous or suspicious materials, we were surprised to find stolen goods worth more than Dh3 million in watches and cash. The suspect admitted to burglarising a residential address in Dubai and it only took 47 minutes to arrest him after his crime.”

Dubai Police
Dubai Police AED 3 million Crime Women's Clothing Burqa Naqab Abaya City Walk European
Credit: Dubai Police

Safe had valuables worth AED 10 million

It turns out, the safe had valuables worth AED 10 million but the thief didn’t steal everything because he rushed the theft.

In October, a gang was sentenced for stealing AED 219,000 worth of valuables in a similar incident. Residents are encouraged to report any suspicious activity to Dubai Police. Call 999 or get in touch here.

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