Photograph credit: XDubai

Watch XDubai’s Latest Recruit, Sarah Lezito Pull Off Exhilarating Stunts At Bluewaters

Some people don’t get a kick out of bravado-fuelled stunts, but for those who do, we salute you. Following their addition of Sarah Lezito, XDubai dropped a video showing the Hollywood stuntwoman perform swashbuckling stunts on Bluewaters island.

Adrenaline-packed stunts at Bluewaters

To announce XDubai’s latest ambassador, Sarah Lezito, the action sports brand dropped a video showing the 26-year-old stuntwoman speeding down the lanes of Meraas’ Bluewaters island with action-packed stunts on her bikes that are sure to get your heart pumping. From stand-up wheelies, dead-spins, drifts and circle combos, she’s got it all. Check it out:

Sarah Lezito, XDubai’s latest recruit

This is most definitely not your average person. Sarah Lezito, who’s film credentials include blockbusters like ‘The Avengers,’ ‘Inferno’ and ‘The Girl in the Spiders Web,’ spent most of her life motorbike stunt riding and is among the few female athletes competing at the highest levels in what is a male-dominated sport. She’s also got a YouTube channel showcasing all sorts of daring stunts, like wheelies, drifts, donuts and spins.


Photograph credit: XDubai

New playground for XDubai

As crazy as it may sound, Lezito made Bluewaters island look like her playground! The video comes just in time to announce XDubai and Meraas’ collaboration. Mohammed Javad, General Manager of XDubai commented, “As an athlete at the top of her game, Sarah shows us what it means to defy your limits and we couldn’t think of a more fitting location than Bluewaters to officially announce that she is part of the XDubai family.” Here’s hoping more high octane action stunts, obstacle courses, parkour and skateboarding videos by the action sports brand.

XDubai Bluewaters

Photograph credit: Dubai

Check out the last time XDubai pulled off a daring act

In yet another action-packed video, XDubai dropped a teaser for the upcoming documentary, LOFT: The Jetman Story last November, showing the revolutionary pilot Yves Rossy and his crew perform a triple Jetman flight formation over the Sunnylvsfjorden fjord in Norway. It’s four minutes of pure adrenaline, check it out: