Louis Vuitton home shopping experience in Dubai
Louis Vuitton home shopping experience in Dubai

Wealthy Dubai resident gets a personal Louis Vuitton shopping experience at home!

You’re stuck at home and you want to get your Louis Vuitton retail therapy fix, but the Coronavirus means that it’s hard to get out and about.

Well, if you’re Samratumaitavuki, a super successful digital app co-founder, you get Louis Vuitton to bring the store to you.

Obviously, baller move. And we can confirm that all social distancing was practised including face masks at all times.

“Been waiting months for these beautiful LV cases. Using these as art piece in our new penthouse! #louisvuitton #lv #lvtrunks #lvsuitcases” writes SR on his post.

Yup, we agree there. If you have any cast-offs littering your penthouse, feel free to send them to DubaiLAD.