WhatsApp calls unblocked at Expo 2020 Dubai site
WhatsApp calls unblocked at Expo 2020 Dubai site

WhatsApp calls unblocked at Expo 2020 Dubai site

The UAE has unblocked internet calls including Skype and WhatsApp for visitors at the Expo 2020 Dubai site.

The two sites and apps have long been blocked in the UAE.

But they’ve now been enabled for all visitors and guests at the Expo 2020 Dubai site for the next six months. So you know what you need to do if you want to make that free call home!

The site officially opens tomorrow and is expected to host around 25 million visitors over the next six months.

And presumably, they’ve opened up WhatsApp so visitors can speak to their friends back home and tell them how much fun they’re having.

Now can we have the same Expo WhatsApp and Skype calls across the whole city, please?

Dubai government workers get six days holiday to visit Expo 2020 Dubai

Sheikh Hamdan has announced that Dubai government workers will get six days of paid holiday to visit Expo 2020 Dubai.

The six-day paid holiday leave can be used any time from the start of Expo 2020 Dubai on October 1 until March 2022.

Is it too late for a career change?!

“Expo is a unique event during which the world meets in Dubai, bringing into the knowledge, cultures and creativity from all over the world. Our goal is to turn the expo’s theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” into reality and tangible positive results,” Sheikh Hamdan said.

He added: “We want our team to stay up-to-date with the global advancement and be familiar with creative ideas from all corners of the globe.”

What a great idea, we wonder if any other bosses will follow his lead across Dubai?