Brilliant new app ASKWHO launches in the region
Brilliant new app ASKWHO launches in the region

Why the ASKWHO social media app is perfect for 2020 and our ‘new normal’

Apps pretty much rule our lives now in 2020, and the latest ASKWHO app built and created in the Middle East could be our favourite yet. 

With social distancing set to be a thing for a long time yet, the ASKWHO app lets you get social but at a safe distance. 

Very cunningly, they’ve combined all the big platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter in one place. Simply turn on the app and it’ll review nearby users and allow you to connect directly to the platform of your choice.

And you can download it for free right and join the growing gang of people using ASKWHO.

So, for instance, you see someone in a bar or at the gym that you recognise. Turn on the app, search to find out who they are and then connect, send a message or visit their social media profiles. Pretty neat!

And, like all the best ideas, it’s so simple. ASKWHO sum it up very simply by saying ‘we connect the people you see to the platforms you love.’

Behind the scenes with ASKWHO 

The app is now available for free on Apple and Android devices and the DubaiLAD team have all signed up and started making connections. We caught up with Michael Askew ASKWHO Partner to find out more about the app, how long it took to build and what the reaction has been like so far. 

Congratulations on the new app – it sounds like such an obvious idea, but I guess all the best ones do. When did inspiration strike? Was there a eureka/lightbulb moment?

MA: The idea evolved when I lived in Saudi Arabia and I noticed there was a gap in the market for localised connection. I discussed the concept with Matt (my partner) in KSA and subsequently built the platform together.

And how long did the app take to create and bring to market?

MA: Two very long years!

We love that it allows people to connect but does so safely. What has the reaction been like so far? Who has been using the app?

MA: We’ve had a really great response since launching the app with many people stating that they like being able to make genuine connections with people around them both socially and professionally. Our app has been designed for social professionals to network and build community.

And what are some of the more innovative ways to use the app?

MA: If you’re out at a business or social event, you can search for users around you and easily save this search to come back at a time that suits you. There’s no need to be on your phone during the event! 

How do you deal with privacy – what information do you take? And can you turn the app on and off as you want?

MA: We have built-in privacy features to ensure users are safe when using the app. You can choose an open profile or remain private if you’d prefer. The app also allows you to choose which social media accounts are displayed on your account and you can amend this at any time.

Download ASKWHO for free and start using one of the fastest-growing social media apps in the region.