Xbox Series X
Xbox Series X

Why the Xbox Series X is the good news gamers need right now!

After months of hype, teasers and even the odd leak, the Xbox Series X has been revealed. It looks beautiful. And powerful. And is literally what the gaming world needs right now with the globe in lockdown.

The full reveal was due to happen at the E3 tech conference. But as that’s been cancelled due to the Coronavirus, the official launch has been postponed.

What we do know is that the new Xbox console has more than double the computing speed of the previous versions. And it’s likely to retail at around $450 and be out this summer.

So, keep an eye on their Twitter feed above to get the latest news on their games.

But, we do know that Halo Infinite is launching at the same time as the Xbox Series X. And the game signals a return to old-skool values for Halo fans. And looks amazing!

Playstation 5?

And don’t worry Playstation fans, we haven’t forgotten about you in your hour of need!

You can get live updates on the new release today!

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