Why this Dubai company is changing the way we shop
Why this Dubai company is changing the way we shop

Why this Dubai company is changing the way we shop

Everyone wants free stuff and everyone wants to try the latest in foods, fitness, health and wellness, and more and this Dubai company has cleverly combined the two. 

Billing themselves as “your friendly neighborhood sampling superhero,” Tryloka have a super simple but super effective game plan. 

They deliver samples from the best products you know and don’t know straight to your door. You get matched to free stuff (which everyone loves) and get to try new products. It’s free, it arrives at your door and personalised to your taste! It’s samples you will actually love (and use)!

And there’s literally something for everyone, as their samples span beauty, pets, fashion, food, fitness and more. 

A home-grown brand

As they explain, the idea actually came from one of Dubai’s favourite hobbies, mall-trawling! 

“After a long day of trying to look  for the perfect presents in a mall, our founding team happened to walk by a small kiosk selling  jam. As we tried the jam (and then proceeded to buy several jars), an idea struck. What if we  could build a platform that connected brands such as these to reach out to their customers with  new products for them to try. Several such great brands often go unnoticed. Fueled by all the  jam we tasted, we walked to a café nearby and began sketching out the idea. “

From there, the idea quickly grew. They created a no-strings platform for customers where they could get matched to free samples and have them delivered (also for free!) in return for an unbiased review. Free and easy to use!

Not only is it fun and easy to use, Tryloka is also a home-grown idea as the Dubai company was created in the DIFC Innovation Hub. 

Since launching they’ve partnered with “brands across health and wellness, food, beauty, home décor and more to offer our users (or as we like to call them, our Trybe) a wide range of choices.”

The DubaiLAD team are hooked!