Dubai flooding

Wind, Fire and Rain Cause Havoc In The UAE On Sunday

Residents and businesses in the UAE were affected by torrential rain and strong winds today with buildings being damaged and even Dubai Mall experiencing flooding.

Chaos as stormy weather hits the UAE

The UAE was thrown into chaos today when torrential rain and strong winds hit the UAE during a ferocious storm. Videos were shared on social media of flooding inside Dubai Mall and residents shared images of Sheikh Zayed Road which looked more like a river than a motorway!

Traffic crawled along the roads through deep water which had accumulated, making driving conditions risky.

Fires broke out during the storm

After the rain came flames as a fire broke out in a building in DIFC and plumes of thick black smoke billowed out across Sheikh Zayed Road.

Another video showed sparks flying on the roof of a building as the rain made contact with electricity.

Strong winds take hold

Strong winds also caused damage, with buildings seeing cladding ripped off and other materials being blown around by the ferocious gusts.

These corrugated panels were launched into the air as if they were weightless!

Shocked residents looked on as this building seemed to disintegrate before their eyes.

It’s been a weird couple of weeks for weather in the UAE, with a couple of cyclones having visited the region already as well as fatalities involving high seas. It looks like we’re in for more rain after the National Centre for Meteorology confirmed that the results of cloud seeding are set to take effect. Reports stated that that 5 cloud seeding sessions have already taken place in the last few days.