Winter officially coming to the UAE
Winter officially coming to the UAE

Winter officially coming to the UAE

Good news people of the UAE – the National Centre of Meteorology has confirmed that cooler winter weather is coming with lows of 27 degrees on their way.

The cooler weather is set to arrive by the weekend. And it will mark the start of the Autumn/Winter season with lower humidity and a fresh breeze.

Temperatures are set to be in the twenties during the mornings and nights.

And there will be a ‘gradual decrease’ in the weather by this weekend according to the NCM.

The lower temperatures could bring some more early morning fog though, so be careful on the roads!

The next UAE public holiday is just around the corner

The UAE has confirmed there will be a public holiday for government workers on Thursday, October 21 to mark the Prophet Mohammed’s birthday.

The news was announced by the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources today.

As is traditional, the holiday is marked by observance with celebrations kept to a minimum.

There hasn’t been official confirmation of whether the private sector will be granted the holiday as well.

But as most holidays are unified, we’d expect to hear that announcement soon.

And it’s not long until December when the UAE really starts to enjoy itself.

There will be a four-day break starting on Wednesday, December 1 for Commemoration Day and the UAE’s 50th birthday.

And it’s likely that will be a big weekend, with fireworks and events held across the region.

Looking further ahead, UAE public sector workers have an extra six days of holiday they can use to visit Expo 2020 Dubai.