Photograph credit: Dubai Clock and Dubai Media Office

Woah! There’s A Clock In Dubai Worth A Staggering Dhs700,000

A massive clock was unveiled at an exhibition in Dubai yesterday, which comes with a huge Dhs 700,000 price tag!

Symbol of Dubai

Designed by award-winning Jordanian clock designer Amjad Al Hajj, his latest work ‘Dubai Clock’ is derived “as a symbol and a reminder of the city of Dubai.” The clock is conical shaped, twisted and wide from the bottom. Its design narrows as it approaches the summit. Its steel numerical shapes span across the structure “adorned with scattered numbers.”

Photograph credit: Dubai Clock

#OnlyinDubai moment

Find it too good to be true? A miniature version of ‘Dubai Clock’ is available at The Hotel Show 2018 at World Trade Centre. Speaking about the purpose of the clock, Al Hajj said “While designing the beautiful masterpiece, the only thing I imagined, was how it would enhance the look and feel of any luxury hotel. It is not wrong when one says that the right timepieces accentuate the architecture, complement the other furnishings, and improve the overall guest experience. Keeping this in mind, I designed the Dubai Tower and launched it at The Hotel Show, 2018.”

Most expensive clock in the world worth Dhs24.9 million

Yikes! That’s a helluva’ price tag. According to Money Inc, the most expensive clock, named “Duc d’Orleans Breguet Sympathique” sold for $6.8 million(Dhs24.9 million). The clock dates back to 1835, made of “ormolu-mounted red, tortoiseshell” and “a half-quarter repeating gold pocket watch” mounted on top of the clock.