Woman Drives Off With Valet Clutching Onto Her Car Bonnet in Dubai

There’s a viral video circulating around social media, showing a valet parking attendant sat on the bonnet of a moving car after a dispute broke out.

Dispute over wrong valet parking ticket

On Tuesday afternoon, a huge dispute broke out between a hotel’s valet parking attendant and an Arab woman. According to Gulf News, the valet received the wrong ticket and wasn’t paid the parking fee. Things got out of hand when the lady drove the car towards an intersection as the attendant sat on the bonnet, unwilling to let her leave.

Dubai Police clarifies dispute

Even though it’s yet to be announced who will be charged for this dispute, Dubai Police terms this incident as a “financial dispute” between the valet parking attendant and the woman in question, over the parking fee. On one hand, the valet says he was given the parking ticket for another car, while the woman claims she gave the correct parking ticket and paid the fee.

Warning issued over sharing images videos without permission

With the video making its rounds on social media, Dubai Police warns people aren’t allowed to take an image or shoot a video of a person without their permission since it’s “a breach of privacy for others and punishable by law.” Law No. 5 of 2012 on Combating Cybercrimes (Cybercrime Law) “prohibits the invasion of an individual’s privacy by breaching their privacy, including taking pictures of others, or publishing or displaying those pictures.“ Invading one’s privacy can land a minimum jail term of one year and a Dhs 150,000-500,000 fine.