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Woman In UAE Slaughters Ex-Boyfriend And Serves Him To Workers

A Moroccan woman stands charged with manslaughter after murdering her ex-boyfriend and using his flesh to make machboos which she distributed to labourers.

Woman murdered ex-boyfriend due to betrayal

The Moroccan woman, who lives in Al Ain and is 30 years old, was in a relationship with the then-boyfriend for seven years and provided him with financial support. He promised he would marry her, until he changed his mind, deciding to marry his cousin sister instead. The lady, who felt cheated, took revenge by murdering him and slaughtering his body into pieces.

Flesh used to make machboos

The lady used his flesh to cook machboos, a popular type of biryani from Saudi Arabia, cooked with rice. The meals were distributed to a group of labourers near her house in Al Ain. A friend helped her clean the remains at her residence by feeding them to dogs.

Victim’s brother realised the murder after discovering a tooth

Meanwhile, the victim’s brother had been on the search for his brother, filing a missing-person report in Ajman. He paid a visit to the woman’s home, who denied knowing his whereabouts. Later, he spotted a human tooth in a blender, suspecting she might have murdered him. After submitting the tooth and few remains to Al Ain Police, DNA tests proved it belonged to his brother.

Woman confesses her wrongdoings

After discovering the suspected murder, Al Ain Police immediately arrested the woman and took the case to public prosecution. According to Gulf News, the woman pretended she was “mentally ill” and committed the murder after she was “in a state of insanity.” After a series of questioning, she admitted her wrongdoings, confessing she murdered him get revenge.