Photograph credit: Piqsels

Woo-hoo! A New Co-Workspace Has Opened With a Wellbeing Environment

Fitness freaks! There’s a large co-workspace newly opened in town with a twist of wellbeing twist to it which you’d probably wish to work at and it looks undeniably #officegoals.

Working environment for those into fitness

Duplays is the company behind the co-workspace platform, named ‘Nook’ which spans 10,000 sq ft and its concept is such that businesses can opt for either a desk or shared space or a private office. So, for businesses with a team of like-minded fitness enthusiasts and for those looking to start a small business as a yoga instructor or something similar, Nook has got everything to make it a fitness-themed work environment.

Numerous facilities on-board

Businesses registered at Nook, located in One JLT, will be eligible for a lot of fitness facilities. Apart from free internet, printing, business support services and bookings for meeting rooms, fitness enthusiasts can head to the practice studios and training areas(with shower rooms) for workouts during or after work. What’s more, the Nook team often hosts networking events and workshops, bringing fitness professionals together.

Co-workspaces start from Dhs2,500 per month

Companies with a small team can opt for the shared space option, it’s pricing starts from Dhs 2,500 per month. For freelancers and those working on their own, they’ve got a fixed desk option and its pricing starts from Dhs 3,000 per month and lastly, they’ve got private offices with prices starting from Dhs 4,450 per month. The Nook team will also help businesses get a valid business license, company bank account and sort out NOCs and VAT registration. You can check their details here: