Worker Crushed To Death Under a Bulldozer In Sharjah

A tragic accident occurred last week when a construction worker was crushed to death by a bulldozer that he had been sleeping under.

Police are still investigating

The incident was reported to the police at 4pm on Saturday 12th October. Officers were quickly on site and learned that the 33 year old man had been sleeping in the shade of the bulldozer whilst on a break, when a co-worker began operating it.

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Investigations continue into the death of the thought to be Pakistani man. Reports state that he was taken to Al Dhaid Hospital but his death was instant, following severe head injuries and multiple fractures. The driver of the bulldozer claimed to be unaware of the presence of his sleeping colleague. He has reportedly been arrested by the police and has been referred to the public prosecution.

Officials are still speaking with eye witnesses and staff members at the construction site in the Maliha area of Sharjah.

Police stress importance of better safety practices

While investigations continue, the police have stressed the importance of exercising caution around large machinery.

Workers in the UAE have fallen foul of a number of hazards on construction sites over the years due to poor safety practices. A construction worker was killed earlier this year in February, when a crane collapsed. Three others were also seriously injured during the incident which happened in Abu Dhabi. And last year, a project manager at a site in Jebel Ali was ordered to pay blood money amounting to Dhs 200,000 after a worker on site was crushed to death by a crane. He had been in search of water at the site and was standing behind the crane as it reversed. The driver and the victim did not hear the shouts of warning from fellow workers who saw the accident unfold.

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