Photograph credit: Nicepik

Worker Kills Employer After Being Denied Dhs 500 Pay Increase

Documents from Abu Dhabi’s Court of First Instance show records of a Pakistani worker killing his boss, after not receiving a Dhs 500 pay increase.

Boss wouldn’t authorise pay increase

News outlet Khaleej Times reported the employer was “reluctant” to give the Pakistani employee a pay increase. The employee was expecting a pay rise, from Dhs1,000 to Dhs,1500. After the boss denied increasing his pay, the worker plotted the murder, by taking his boss to the outskirts of the city and eventually killed him.

Worker committed murder using a meat cleaver

The Pakistani employee lured his boss into a remote area on the outskirts of the city, to collect something from his friend. The boss decided to help and drove him towards the location. While driving, the employee, who concealed a meat clover in his clothes, pulled it out and struck his boss in the head and the neck. After the murder, the employee rushed away from the car, taking the employer’s phones and laptops. The next day, he returned to work, as usual.

Worker to face murder charges

CCTV footage from a store showed the employee purchasing a meat cleaver. When asked by Abu Dhabi police, the worker said it was “for personal safety” and denied murder charges while presented at the court. However, as the case continued, he eventually confessed his wrongdoings. A final decision will be made soon.