Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest to be held in Dubai
Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest to be held in Dubai

World-famous hot dog-eating competition coming to Dubai

World-famous hot dog joint Nathan’s Famous Inc. are bringing their hot dog-eating competition to Dubai. And the prize, once you’ve scoffed your hot dogs in record time, is a trip to America to compete in the world final next July.

The original hot dog-eating competition has been held at the chain’s original Coney Island venue in New York for over 50 years. And they’re now bringing their mustard mayhem to Dubai for the first time.

“Our team is excited about the growth and potential we see for Nathan’s Famous in Dubai. It’s only fitting that with this growth, we bring the world-renowned Hot Dog Eating Contest to Dubai,” said James Walker, senior vice president.

That’s a lot of hot dogs…

This year’s winner was Joey ‘Jaws’ Chestnut who broke the record for the 13th time with a mammoth 75 hot dogs.

And before you think, ‘yeah, I could do that over a day,’ the competition is held over 10 minutes. Which breaks down as one hot dog every eight seconds. Pass the barf bag, please!

And in case you want to know what eating 75 hot dogs looks like, here’s the footage from this year’s victory.

The women’s competition was won by Miki Sudo who won the coveted Mustard Belt for a seventh time with another record of 48.5 hot dogs. So at least now we know that half a hot dog counts.

Make it a shawarma battle and DubaiLAD would be pretty confident of our chances!