Photograph credit: MasterChef

World’s first Official MasterChef-Themed Restaurant To Open In Dubai This April

There’s no denying Dubai’s dining scene has grown significantly over the years with many impressive Michelin star restaurants and famed upmarket chains based in the city, and it’s only getting bigger, with the addition of the world’s first Masterchef-themed restaurant opening in Dubai.

‘MasterChef, the TV Experience’ opening in Dubai this April

One of the world’s most-watched cooking programs, MasterChef is opening a restaurant concept in the brand new Millennium Place Marina this April. The restaurant and drinks bar will have a seating capacity for 180 guests, alongside an additional 60 seats on its terrace. The interiors will be inspired by the recognizable sets of the TV show.

Photograph credit: MasterChef

Menu in the works by Maria Vaamonde-Beggs

Top chef Maria Vaamonde-Beggs is the brains behind the menu of ‘MasterChef, the TV Experience.’ One can expect dishes and recipes inspired by the famed TV show featured on the menu. Vaamonde-Beggs has been the executive chef for high-end food chains in 12 countries, from Venezuela to New York and Dubai.

Photograph credit: MasterChef

First official MasterChef restaurant to open in Dubai

Foodies in Dubai will be the first to taste the recipes and meet former MasterChef winners and contestants. Speaking of the opening, Duncan Fraser-Smith, Vice-President of F&B at The First Group believes its objective is to establish an “emotional connection through food.” He said, “ It will establish an emotional connection, through food, and nurture a passion for cooking at all levels of expertise across all ages and cultures, which is vital in a cosmopolitan hub such as Dubai.”