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World’s Highest Lounge Open On Burj Khalifa’s 152nd Floor

As if boasting the world’s highest restaurant and a bar wasn’t enough, Burj Khalifa has introduced a record-breaking lounge situated from the 152nd-154th floor.

Highest lounge in the world, on the 152nd floor

If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing the illustrious city and its skyline from a birds-eye view, you’re in for a treat. Burj Khalifa’s all-new lounge, located 575 metres above Dubai, occupies the 152nd, 153rd and 154th floor and boasts an outdoor terrace. Its designers, Armani Hotel Dubai promises a “fascinating dining experience.”

Photograph credit: Supplied

Daily packages available

Starting this Monday, 18th February, the lounge will be open for business with daily deals available. During the day, guests can enjoy the ‘Tea in the Clouds’ package from 12:30-4 pm, serving afternoon tea with a house beverage or bubbly and take a tour to the outdoor terrace, costing Dhs 550. What’s more, guests can head there during evenings, from 7:30 pm to enjoy a house beverage and bubbly with unlimited gourmet canapes and take a tour around the outdoor terrace, for Dhs 600.

Reservations open

Bookings and reservations for the lounge can be made through their website. Even though its creators, Emaar haven’t revealed full details about the cafe beside the daily packages, they hinted about the attraction saying “There are levels to everything and we are always on a different one, stay tuned!”