Billboard dating
Billboard dating

Would you Date Mark? Man takes out billboard looking for love!

They say money can’t buy you love. But it can buy you a billboard to find you a loved one!

Struggling to find Mr or Mrs right in Dubai?

Well, you could take inspiration from Mark Rofe in Manchester, who decided to pay AED2,000 for a huge billboard on a main road advertising himself.

The 30-year-old has been struggling to find the right partner for over a year and thought taking an advert out might help him.

He said: “I’ve had more than 100 people get in touch. Unfortunately half are men but I’m still very flattered.”

The Date Mark billboard stands 3m by 6m wide and features Mr Rofe lying sexily (we presume), with his contact details underneath.

“Like any good idea it started off in the pub,” he explained.

“I was talking to my mate saying how I was struggling on all these dating apps and I joked that I should put my face on a big billboard.

“We laughed about it but then actually I thought what a good idea.”

‘Extremely handsome and modest’

Click through to his Date Mark website and you’ll find a biography where he describes himself as as “extremely handsome and modest” and invites applications from “anyone interested in going on a date.”

And the 6ft tall hunk works in marketing plans to reply to everyone who’s got in touch.

He said: “Some people might think I’m mad paying £425 but if I find love then it’s fairly cheap. I tried to make it funny so hopefully, I don’t come across as a desperate loser.”

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