Would you try a chicken-free 3D printed chicken nugget from KFC?
Would you try a chicken-free 3D printed chicken nugget from KFC?

Would you eat one of KFC’s 3D printed chicken nuggets?

Fingerlickin’ good fast-food giant KFC is looking at the next food revolution which could mean 3D printing its chicken nuggets.

With increasing attention on the world’s resources, global food chains and animal welfare, some of the biggest companies in the world are looking at the alternatives.

And for KFC, that means using 3D printing to create its chicken nuggets.

Yes, you did read that correctly. And no, we don’t know how we feel about it either.


Teaming up with Russian company

KFC has teamed up with Russian tech firm Bioprinting Solutions to look into the future and see if 3D printing will work for their nuggets.

3D printing is a huge growth business in the world. Very, very unsurprisingly, Dubai is home to the world’s largest 3D building which opened at the start of this year.

But while 3D food sounds like something you’d get from a 60s Star Trek epidosde, it’s actually been used for food for a few years now.

And should KFC roll it out worldwide, it would make a huge, huge impact with massive environmental benefits.

But will they actually taste any good?

The nuggets use chicken cells and plant material – plus the traditional 11 KFC herbs and spices – to create biomeat that has the same texture and taste of chicken meat. Hmm, biomeat.

And they’re test-running the new nuggets in Moscow from October. And should they get the thumbs up, they could be rolling out to a KFC near you in Dubai very, very soon.

Winner winner chicken dinner?