Wuhan returns to normal with pool parties
Wuhan returns to normal with pool parties

Wuhan returns to normal with packed pool party for thousands

Life has begun to return to normal for Wuhan, ground zero for the Coronavirus outbreak, as thousands attended a pool party at a water park in the city last weekend.

The city lifted its lockdown in April and hasn’t recorded a local case of the virus since mid-May meaning much of normal life can return.

And for dance music fans last weekend, that meant the full-on HOHA Water Electrical Musical Festival pool party at the Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park.

No social distancing

But people were quick to point out that none of those at the party were practising social distancing or wearing a mask.

Sanjaya Senanayake, an associate professor in infectious diseases at the Australian National University, told the BBC that there’s still a big risk with events like this.

“The problem is we haven’t eradicated Covid-19, and what that means is that as long as it’s not eradicated, there’s still the risk of having it introduced, whether from overseas or elsewhere.”

He added: “A study from London came out suggesting that about 10-20% of people with Covid-19 are responsible for about 80% of cases. So if you’re putting large groups of people together you really have to be careful. Even if one person has the virus, you’re in for some rough times.”