Is Dubai safe?

Yes, Mum, we’re safe in Dubai, despite what the British media say

Dubai is never far away from the news, especially in the UK. But, despite Iran and American tensions escalating in the last week, Dubai remains safe and sound.

Who said what?

At the start of the week, the UK press was shouting about the escalating tensions between American and Irani following the death of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani in Baghdad.

They were full of headlines announcing that Brits should be leaving Dubai and that the region was unsafe. However, dig a little deeper and those headlines didn’t come from a reputable source, official ministry, government source or even the UAE cabinet.

They were taken from an Iranian professor at the University of Tehran, who originally told the BBC: “If I was a Western citizen I would leave the United Arab Emirates immediately. Not only will Iranian leaders retaliate but also Iraqis will retaliate.”

And the quote ran like wild-fire, with people reading the words and not who they were attributed to. Which in turn led to parents, friends and loved ones getting worried about their Dubai friends and asking how the UAE was going to be involved.

The Dubai Media Office was also quick to spot the ‘fake news’ and announced this shortly after the tabloid stories started circulating.

Are we safe in Dubai?

Logically speaking, yes. Hundreds of thousands of Iranians and Americans live in Dubai and the UAE. So the chances of the UAE getting involved in any attacks is extremely far fetched.

Dubai is also a huge transit and business hub for the region. Should anything happen to Dubai, it would automatically have a huge impact on the region’s business.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Here’s an official statement from The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

That said, you literally never know what President Trump is going to do next, but judging by his news conference yesterday and the signs of talks between Iran and America, it might be the end of the conflict.

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