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Yikes! A Driver Created A Forged Parking Ticket And Is Now In Big Trouble

For the sake of saving money from getting a parking ticket which costs just a maximum of four dirhams, this male expatriate has got into deep trouble it doesn’t seem he’ll be let go so easily.

He used Photoshop to create a forged ticket

Woah! This genius went to the extreme by creating a forged parking ticket, using Adobe Photoshop. The incident happened in March when an RTA inspector was checking parking tickets in Karama and came across a dissimilar parking ticket on the dashboard of a vehicle. After discovering the ticket was forged, he called Dubai Police and the case has been taken to the courts.

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Due to this incident, he’s being deported

Despite the male expatriate claiming he’s not guilty, he admitted he created the forged ticket and according to Gulf News, he confessed he forged the ticket by “mistake” and it happened only “once” at the Dubai Court of First Instance. He even explained how he manipulated the ticket, by taking a photocopy of a ticket and used Photoshop to forge the timings of the ticket.

You won’t believe this case of how a woman ended up on trial for travelling

Last month, a woman without a passport went on to travel to Turkey with her friends, using her aunt’s passport. The woman only contacted her mother about her travel plans and didn’t inform her about her stealing the aunt’s passport. As the aunt got the news about her travelling, she discovered her passport was missing. Dubai Police was immediately contacted and upon the arrival of the lady, she was caught by the cops and was taken to the Dubai Court of First Instance. The case is still going on.