Gamers in 20 years' time
Gamers in 20 years' time

Yikes! This is what gamers could look like in 20 years’ time!

It seems late nights playing video games isn’t good for you, according to this research model which has predicted what gamers could look like in 20 years’ time.

The model predicts that gamers will have poor posture, dark circles under bloodshot eyes.

And terrifyingly, gamers in 20 years’ time could look like this. Yikes!

Other problems include pale skin, vitamin deficiencies and repetive strain in his thumbs. Add that to obesity, swollen ankles, varicose veins and ulcers on his hands, and you have quite the looker.

Oh, and let’s not forget the rounded shoulders and the slight indent on his head from wearing a headset for so many years. Sexy.

The research was carried out to test the physical impacts of gaming and was created by Online Casino. Gaming addiction is an officially recognised psychological disorder. And this model predicts the worst-case scenario after 20 years of intensive gaming.

It’s pretty scary stuff. But, on the plus side, it’s made us bring our Playstation out on to the balcony until summer really begins. At least we’re getting our Vitamin D now during the 24-hour restrictions!

Staying in the gaming world, there’s good news for Nintendo Switch fans. After global shortages, the amazing bit of kit is now back in stock.