blue origin

You could soon head to space from the UAE

The UAE could become a spaceport for tourists thanks to a likely tie-up with Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin space flights.

The Blue Origin team have sent eight people into space – including Star Trek’s William Shatner. And they’ve said that the UAE was the ‘obvious choice’ for a spaceport.

To infinity and beyond!

The news was broken by The National who spoke with Brent Sherwood, senior vice president of advanced development programmes for Blue Origin.

Sherwood said that it was looking to expand its launch sites from the current one in El Paso, Texas.

Now that we are operational for tourism, the next thing we are looking at is other locations around the planet to establish launch and landing sites for New Shepard, It’s an obvious place to look here. All we really need is some desert. One of the endearing qualities of the West Texas desert is that it is hard to get to the El Paso airport. You have to drive for a couple of hours and it is in the middle of nowhere.

Space tourism in the UAE

AzurX, a private company in Dubai, is working as a strategic adviser to Blue Origin. They will work as a bridge between the UAE and space tourism companies.

It will help Blue Origin with its localisation strategy in the UAE. And not only could you fly to space from the UAE, but you could even stay on the Orbital Reef, a new private space station that Blue Origin announced this week.

So what would a ticket cost?

While no prices have been revealed by Blue Origin just yet, we already know that one ticket on a New Shepard flight was sold for $28 million during an auction.

Sherwood also noted that prices are expected to decrease once reusable orbital vehicles become more common.

So who knows – we may all get the opportunity to go to space sooner than we think!