Photograph credit: Needpix

You won’t Believe Who Dubai Mall Has Added To It’s Divers At The Waterfall

Dubai Mall has come up with a special diver at The Waterfall and if you’re a Marvel fan, you’re in for a surprise and it’s gonna leave you amused.

Deadpool is the latest diver!

Could it get any more Deadpool-er?! Kudos to The Dubai Mall team for getting the X-Men anti-hero with the divers in a typical unusual Deadpool position parallel to the waterfall. The statue has been installed two weeks after the release of the sequel.

Ryan Renolds found the diver “incredible”

Not only Dubai residents have been amused by the marketing stinct, but the Deadpool star himself, Ryan Reynolds took to Instagram to share an image of the diver to his 21.9 million followers and described the diver as “incredible”. The post has received more than a million likes and by a glance of the comments, his followers too have been amused by the diver.

Deadpool 2’s gross is nearing $600 million

Marvel Studios have enjoyed tremendous success since the last one month, thanks to the success of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ earning $1.9 billion, according to movie data analysis website, Box Office Mojo. Deadpool 2 has earned $598 million since two weeks of its release and the first film earned $783 million. The sequel film is screening across cinemas in UAE.