Photograph credit: Twitter/fousey

You’ll Be Amused To Know What This Arab Origin YouTuber Has Named Himself As

Changing professions to become a rapper called for a cool new name for Yousef Saleh Erakat, but the name he has decided is so embarrassing that his followers couldn’t resist but to troll him!

Yousef decided to name himself ‘Lil Khara’

Would you believe it? Out of all the possible names, he opted for the name ‘Lil Khara'(Khara means sh*t)! As soon as he revealed his new name to his 1.2 million followers on Twitter, they too couldn’t help it but troll him for his insane personality and about Arab norms. One of his followers has been calling him khara “for about 5 years” while another follower was thankful Yousef “realized” who he was. Plus, take a look at this savage tweet.

Followers are comparing him to Dj Khaled now

Just when Arab music fans couldn’t bear Dj Khaled’s name being yelled, they’ll now have to face Lil Khara and some of his followers are already calling it as “cringe” material. One follower couldn’t tolerate it but to reply saying there’s DJ Khaled and it’s “enough.” Yousef didn’t reply to any of his followers but it would be an epic banter if he does so!

Previously he decided to become a motivational speaker

From a Youtuber to a motivational speaker to a rapper, that’s plenty of change by Yousef proving he’s the ultimate Arab millennial. It’s come with a great deal of baggage though. He recently posted a reply about his move from a Youtuber to a motivational speaker, saying he’s “just getting started” and apparently, he’s in the works on a motivational book believing it will become a New York Times bestseller. That confidence though!

Some of his YouTube videos have gone beyond viral

What started off as a YouTube channel joking about Arab norms and about rappers, has turned into a channel about inappropriate pranks, challenges and collaborations including Superwoman. His channel reached its peak in 2014 when he posted a prank of a fake Spider-Man fighting Venom in front of children at a park. Check it out.