Photograph credit: Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity Issues Apology After Pool Incident Goes Viral

Zero Gravity issued an apologetic post after a viral video caught an individual exposing himself while he was inside their transparent glass pool.

Man caught exposing himself at Zero Gravity

A disturbing act was caught on camera at Zero Gravity last weekend. The video caught a man exposing himself inappropriately while up against a glass wall as he dropped his trunks, until a security guard arrived at the scene to reprimand the man. The culprit was immediately removed from the beach club, but concerned beachgoers are afraid about the pool’s hygiene.

Photograph credit: Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity issues apology

After the awry incident, the beach club posted a lengthy statement explaining the series of events. They said, “We regret that an unacceptable incident took place at Zero Gravity on Saturday 15 December. The wellbeing of our guests is our priority and we have zero-tolerance for any inappropriate conduct. We insist on the highest standards of behaviour at all times and we have immediately taken action to strengthen the implementation of our rules of conduct.

“The conduct of this individual, who was immediately removed, and banned, from Zero Gravity, fell well below that which can be expected by our guests and we sincerely apologize for any distress or anxiety caused.”

Water hygiene tests carried out after pool incident

Zero Gravity says its team carries out hourly water quality checks to ensure the wellbeing of its guest on the pools. They said, “Our guests can be assured that all water hygiene controls were in place at the time of the incident, including hourly water quality checks, and we have carried out a number of hygiene tests and activities since the incident to continue to protect the wellbeing of everyone who enjoys Zero Gravity.”

zero gravity
Photograph credit: Zero Gravity

It is unfortunate that the actions of one person can tarnish the reputation of such a fantastic venue, we for one appreciate the epic artist line ups Zero Gravity have put on in the past few years and will certainly be back.

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