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Zomato Customers Left In The Lurch After Delayed NYE Food Deliveries

Meal delivery service giant Zomato came under heavy criticism after delayed food deliveries and the inability to refund customers who didn’t get their order on New Year’s Eve.

Delayed food deliveries

Some customers waited for hours before having their meals delivered, while some didn’t receive their meals at all, and some were unable to place their order. Zomato’s blunder drew sharp criticism by users who were unable to get their refunds back immediately. A few users, including Zomato Gold members took to Twitter to complain about their services, claiming their services were “pathetic” and “couldn’t place the order.

NYE one of the busiest nights

Disruptions were believed to happen because their services “took time to scale due to the high load.” A Zomato representative issued a statement, which reads “Last night was one of the busiest nights for us in the UAE. The traffic on our platform was very high and our systems took time to scale due to the high load.”

Refunds issued

Following the blunder, Zomato said they weren’t able to process refunds instantly due to “technical issues. As of now, they’re working on the solutions to help customers. Zomato said, “The refunds for all orders that we were unable to process due to the technical issues have been initiated and we are also reaching out to users with [a] resolution for other related issues that they may have faced due to this.“